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Stripy Frock of Autumn Cherry with Birch Sleeves
Sumptuous Goose Feather Gown with Pink Cornflower Corsage
Goose Feather Cocktail Dress
Stunning Iridescent Green gown of Cockerel Tail Plumes 30 x 43cm
Layered Ivy Dress 18 x 27cm
Light as Air Lily and Cornflower Gown
Elegant Evening Gown of Magpie and Peacock
Flowing Gown of the Finest Pheasant Tail Feathers 30 x 43 cm
Slender Pheasant Feather Dress
Faerie Washing line (with odd socks and peg basket)
A Faerie Bride and Groom set of two complimentary creations made with Jackdaw and soft down feathers, dried and pressed leaves. silver birch bark and various petals.
A similar Faerie Bride and Groom set.
Two complimentary but separate creations made with Jackdaw and soft down feathers, and various dried and pressed leaves and petals.
A Faerie washing line

Please e-mail for availability, dimensions and pricing information.